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UniTT - Conventions: International Gothic Association Conference 2011

to the homepage of the International Gothic Association Conference 2011. We are happy to announce that the 10th biennial conference of the IGA will take place in our famously romantic and indeed very gothic city of Heidelberg with its castle, old churches, ruins and labyrinthine paths. 2011 is an anniversary year for the IGA, and it is also one for our university, which was founded 625 years ago.

We look forward to interesting papers and lively discussions about questions of delimitation regarding the Gothic and about the commercialisation and commodification of an increasingly romanticised Gothic. We would be glad to welcome you here. You can register for the conference directly here on our website. If you have any queries concerning either the conference itself or the website, please click on contact.

Your conference team

Oliver Plaschka, Ellen Redling, Andreas Schardt, Christian Schneider, Peter Paul Schnierer

We are grateful to:

Heidelberg Marketing GmbH


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